Munio candle

A friend was given one of these and I was so impressed I sought them out, made contact with the lovely lady who makes them in Latvia and now I have them shipped directly to my shop.  These candles look and smell beautiful and are little pieces of art in their own right. They're hand poured with natural soy wax and have flowers, leaves, cloves or cinnamon embedded within them. They are gently fragranced with a complementary fragrance.

The wick is made from fine cotton and the packaging made of recyclable cardboard.

The candle will burn for approximately 15 hours and will create a tunnel to illuminate the plant material. 

Volume: 220ml 

Size:  8cm diameter, height 4cm

Fragrances: Marigold flowers, ashberries and bilberry leaves, wild flowers, moss, heather, cloves, cinnamon, and juniper and limonium.