Chalk Paint™ dark wax

Apply Chalk Paint™ dark wax to age and give texture to your paintwork. Made with a combination of natural carnauba and beeswax, the wax is the consistency of soft margarine so it is easy to apply and has very little odour. It is water-repellent too, so can be used on dining room tables and kitchens.

To achieve Annie’s signature look, first apply a coat of Chalk Paint™ clear wax, followed by the Chalk Paint™ dark wax. Both can be applied with an Annie Sloan Wax Brush or lint-free cloth. Wipe off any excess (you can use the Chalk Paint™ clear wax to take more off if you need to). Leave the Chalk Paint™ dark wax in the recesses to create a great antique look. Soft Wax is not suitable for outdoor use. After care: wipe clean with a damp cloth. For tough marks, use a propriety spray cleaner and re-wax.

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